As we begin a new year, my thoughts turn to prayer for 2023.

God, please grant us peace personally, locally and around the earth.

Although it seems impossible, with God all things are possible, so I pray for an end to war so that the young men and women who serve as fodder for bombs around the world may return unscathed to their loved ones.

That no one should live in want for food, shelter, safety, health care or education.

May each of us seek to be honest in all our dealings with one other and may all others, including leaders at home and abroad seek the same.

I pray that the pandemic will be vanquished worldwide by the development and use of effective treatments and vaccines.

That the great dragon of social media misinformation would be slain and replaced with sincere attempts at communication.

May we work together to attain an equitable and sustainable environment where all can enjoy the fruits of their labors without decimating our planet.

Lord, may all who labor be paid a fair wage for their efforts. May the cruel abuse and exploitation of women and children around the world end.

May the curse of addiction be met with understanding and treatment, not derision and condemnation.

Every day, may we all seek to glorify You through our respect for all your people. May we see the face of Jesus reflected in every person we meet.

All these things we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Happy New Year,

Pastor Sharon