Thanks so much to everyone who has been diligently collecting ‘soft goods’ for our Savers Fundraiser. With the changes requested due to safe and healthy handling of all items, Savers has asked for a total count of our bag contribution a week prior to the actual drop off date. With that in mind, there will be someone in Fellowship Hall to help unload your car on the following dates and times:

Friday, August 7 from 5-7 pm

Monday, August 10 from 10 am-12 pm

Tuesday, August 11 from 5-7 pm

We would ask that only one car pull up at a time to unload. If you need assistance unloading, please remain in your car and someone will be out to help. If you are able to assist, we ask that you wear a mask at all times coming in and out of Fellowship Hall. If you need an alternative date/time for drop off, please contact Joyce Olore or Linda Lamy and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Just as a reminder: we are only collecting ‘soft items’ which include:  All clothing, shoes, accessories and bed and bath items, including clothing (men’s, women’s, children’s), clothing accessories (hats, mittens, scarves, ties, nylons, socks,), personal accessories (purses, wallets, fanny packs, bags), bed and bath (towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths), shoes (all types) and other cloth materials.

Thank you!