As Easter Sunday 2020 draws to a close, I cannot help but reflect upon this most extraordinary day. It was an Easter that none of us will ever forget.

It was so different from Easters in the past, even just last year. Last April, we had a “normal” Easter which began with our sunrise service at the Merriman Cemetery. We sang, read scripture, rejoiced and shared our “communion” of Dunkin munchkins and coffee at the conclusion. Then we all went home, changed into our Easter best and went to celebrate the Resurrection with song, celebration and hugs aplenty. We had an Easter egg hunt and fellowship. Then we scattered; we went to be with family and friends, we laughed, we ate, some even indulged in some adult beverages.

Today was a lot different. There was no sunrise service, no munchkins and coffee, no joyously full sanctuary, no Easter egg hunt. Yet, quietly, persistently and joyfully the celebration of Christ’s resurrection took place while we sheltered in place to lovingly protect one another.

We gathered in an “upper room”; the cloud of the Internet to dispel the gloom of the pandemic and rejoice in the abundant life Christ has called us to. We were together to celebrate life, love, community and Christ’s neverending reign. After service, we lingered, talking and sharing online.

We left our Zoom room in our homes and then something amazing started happening: Easter bunnies appeared at people’s homes, acts of love were carried out through unconventional means. Love was shared over miles and physical distance barriers. In so many ways, this has become the Easter celebration I will remember and celebrate for the rest of my days.

He is risen, He is risen indeed! God is good. We are richly blessed.


Thank you to the Cunninghams for the beautiful Easter messages outside the church!